Shocking News for Anyone With Gold to Sell

You have lived in the same town all your life. You personally know many of the business owners and consider them friends. The idea of trying to sell your gold online to someone you have never and will never meet scares you. However, in this case, cashing in your old, unwanted watches and necklaces over the Internet is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

The people who are advertising on television and online to buy your scrap gold are buying in bulk. They may not be getting a significant number of items from you, but they are buying from many people and selling it all in mass quantities to a larger company above them, looking to make a profit. They can offer you more for your jewelry than what you would be able to get on auction sites or at a jewelry store.


Your local pawnshop is going to try to sell any items as they are. If your collection is old, worn or damaged, the shop will not get much money for it. They may make a small profit, but not nearly as much as an online buyer would because pawnshops are selling to interested customers, not large companies. There is a high risk that the gold bracelets and earrings in your collection are not in demand and that they could sit in the jewelry case for months before somebody shows any interest in them. In the meantime, the buyer is losing money because he already paid you. Be careful about selling broken jewelry to these places at all; they might refuse to buy it because the risk of not being able to find someone to purchase them is just is not worth it.

Selling gold to pawnshops can cost you time and money, especially since driving around from one place to another to find the best price can take up the better portion of your day. Consider the cost of the gas you used when you receive an offer, especially if you are traveling far or even out of state.

Cash for Gold Companies

You can receive money for any type of gold without ever leaving your house. Use the internet to find a few different companies that buy gold watches and rings and contact them. Most businesses will list the prices they are offering per gram right on their website. Because the value of gold will vary from day to day, it may feel like you are gambling with your items. You may sell your jewelry for a certain price today, but what if the value increases tomorrow? You should have held off on selling it.

On the other hand, the price may go down. Then you would be wishing that you would have sold it earlier. Send pictures of what you have to offer and any information, such as weight and gold content. Try to call them on the phone if you can. Otherwise, look for a contact form to email them. In most cases, they will get back to you the same day and they will offer to send you a postage-paid envelope so you can mail your gold to them.

It is imperative to remember that carrying around a pocket full of scrap gold or gold accessories can be dangerous. Even though you may feel comfortable with your surroundings, people are getting desperate. Someone may see you in one pawnshop and watch as you pack up to go to the next one. It could be very easy for that person to follow you and rob you. It may not seem like much at the moment, but a handful of old jewelry could retrieve enough money to pay the bills or buy food and gas for the month. Think about whether this is worth the risk. If you wouldn’t carry $1,000 in bills around and flash them in stores, don’t do this with your gold either.

Compared to selling your gold to a pawnshop, you don’t always have to wait for your check to clear in the bank when you use the services of an online company. More and more places are offering direct deposit as a form of payment. The industry is growing by the day, as more people need to sell their gold to to make ends meet in between paychecks. The businesses who buy gold coins and jewelry have become fast and efficient, responding to the increasing demands from consumers who would rather have cash than old jewelry. In most cases, you will receive the kit and envelope the day after you order them. Send your gold the next day, and receive money in your bank in two to three days after that.

Gold prices are going up almost daily. If you have any old, broken or unused jewelry like necklaces, earrings or even gold teeth sitting in on your dresser, you may be able to receive enough money to pay your bills or buy food for a month, or maybe longer. Do a bit of research, find a reputable online gold buyer a week before your bills are due, and have the money you need on time. You will be able to rest easier knowing your finances are taken care of for the month.