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We Want Your Jewelry, Coins and Watches!

In today's economic environment, any valuable, unused assets that can be converted into cash can help make a real difference. The volatile stock market is chewing through peoples' investment portfolios and everyone is turning to the stability of gold and silver to preserve their investments' value. This has made the gold and silver markets incredibly competitive, rewarding anyone interested in selling their gold or silver with top prices.

Why Sell Your Gold and Silver?

Gold has tripled in price over the last five years while the last year has seen silver prices double. Now is a perfect time to sell unwanted, old or broken items made of gold or silver and we would love to be your preferred gold and silver buyer. We also buy diamonds. Many people have bought and saved gold and silver coins and other pieces over the years, waiting for the "right" time to sell them and make some money. With the current market conditions, that time is now!

I Want to Make Sure I'm Getting Top Dollar for My Items.

There are several ways to sell your gold and silver -- from mall kiosks and established local merchants to traveling shows at motels and Internet buying sites. This market is not tightly regulated because it is still developing and growing. Trust and faith in your gold and silver buyer are of the utmost importance. That's where we come in. We have successfully helped over 100,000 customers in our home state of New Jersey. Whenever you read articles on how to safely sell your gold and silver, they usually recommend working with a local shop so you can meet the staff, see the weighing scale and discuss the value of your items with knowledgeable employees. We offer our New Jersey clientele top-notch service in each one of our over 13 locations throughout the state. We would love to work with you too. We are making a mail-in service available in the near future, and expect it to be a great success based on the integrity and trust upon which we have based our in-person business to date.

What Items Do We Buy?

We are proud to offer our customers top dollar for many items, such as:

  • - jewelry
  • - coins
  • - watches
  • - diamonds
  • - sterling silver candlesticks, flatware and tea service sets

We like hearing from our customers. If you have any questions about the types of items we buy, just pick up the phone and call us toll-free at (888)-465-3031 or send us a message from our "Contact Us" page here on the website.

Let Us Sweeten the Deal.

Here is the quickest, easiest way to get us to pay you more money for your gold and silver than you will find anywhere else in New Jersey. Just fill in our website form with your name and email so we can give you a coupon for an extra 20% premium payment on top of our already top-notch payments! This 20% premium promotion is good at any of our stores or current road show locations. All you have to do is choose a location from the list. If you don't like dealing with forms, just give us a call on our toll-free line at (888)-465-3031 and we will give you a promotional code over the phone that can be used at any of our locations.

How Do We Calculate Your Payments?

In our stores and traveling show locations, we offer our customers market rates through a very straight-forward, comfortable transaction process. We weigh your items and discuss the makeup of them, so that you know exactly what to expect. Some things, such as gold or silver-plated items, may not bring as much money and we want you to know that up front.

I Need My Money Fast. What Do I Do?

Come in and see us at any one of our over 13 locations in New Jersey. Our store locations and road shows are open seven days a week to serve you. We will work with you to price your items and give you a quote with absolutely no obligation. We want to be your preferred gold and silver buyer and will work hard for your business. In fact, if you obtain a higher quote from someone else, we will give you 110% of their quoted price to prove to you that we are the best. With the highest payments and quality service, we have become the largest, most trusted gold and silver buyer in the state of New Jersey. Visit our store location list to find the store or road show location nearest you, complete with address details, hours and a map.

Let Us Help You Pay off Bills, Buy that Special Gift or...?

Take your gold and silver items that have outlived their usefulness and turn them into a nice cash bonus or a special gift for the holidays. With the strength of gold and silver prices, now is an opportune time to cash in on your old or damaged items and give them new life in the form of cash you can use for something else. We are here to help make your transaction as easy and beneficial as possible. We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions at all, please give us a call on our toll-free number at (888)-465-3031 or send us a quick note on our "Contact Us" page.